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7 Ways Weight Loss Can Help Control Diabetes

Aug 08, 2023
7 Ways Weight Loss Can Help Control Diabetes

7 Ways Weight Loss Can Help Control Diabetes

Diabetes and being overweight are common chronic medical problems that tend to be interrelated. In fact, being overweight is a risk factor for developing Type 2 diabetes, by far the most common type

That connection might sound like a problem, but actually, it’s an opportunity. Weight is something you can control, and by doing so, you can help manage your diabetes and prevent complications, too.

At STL Medical Weight Loss in Chesterfield, Missouri, and McKinney, Texas, Joseph Moleski, DO, and Margaurette Walsh, PA-C, offer custom weight-loss plans featuring lifestyle changes and medications like tirzepatide and semaglutide. These medicines help you control your blood sugar while promoting weight loss at the same time. In this post, learn seven reasons why losing even a small amount of weight can help you manage your diabetes and improve your overall health.

1. Lower your glucose levels

Diabetes happens when levels of blood sugar (glucose) rise. When you lose weight, your glucose level can decline, as well. You don’t need to lose a lot of weight to tap into this benefit, either. Just a 5%-10% loss can help. That means if you weigh 200 pounds, losing just 10-20 pounds can help lower your blood sugar levels.

2. Improve your sensitivity to insulin

Insulin is a hormone produced by your pancreas, a small organ located near your stomach. Insulin helps your body use glucose, but the pancreas can’t keep up when glucose levels rise, and insulin becomes less effective. Losing weight improves your body’s sensitivity to insulin, which means your body can process glucose better, too.

3. Decrease your need for diabetes medicine

Diabetes medicine helps many people with diabetes keep their glucose levels under control, decreasing the health risks that go hand-in-hand with diabetes. When you lose weight, the decrease in glucose levels and improved response to insulin mean you may not need as much medicine to keep your diabetes under control. Some people may be able to completely stop taking their medication.

4. Enhance your energy levels

Carrying extra weight tires your body, making it harder to be physically active. When you lose weight, physical activity is a lot easier, and you have more energy for the activities you really enjoy. In turn, greater physical activity enhances weight loss and offers additional benefits for diabetes management, creating a cycle that supports better health overall.

5. Get better sleep

Sleep is essential for your physical and emotional health. When you get good, restful sleep, your body can regulate hormones that help maintain blood sugar and control weight, and it also helps control your appetite and avoid overeating. Yet, you’re more likely to have sleep problems if you’re overweight. Losing those extra pounds can help you get the sleep your body needs to stabilize glucose and reduce diabetes symptoms and risks.

6. Improve your outlook

There’s a definite link between stress and diabetes. Losing weight can definitely improve your self-esteem and overall mood, especially if regular exercise is part of your weight-loss routine. Plus, when you lose weight, you’re more likely to stick with healthy choices to maintain those results — healthy choices that can help you manage your diabetes, too.

7. Reduce diabetes-related risks

When you’re better able to manage your diabetes, you can also reduce your risks of health problems that are more common among people with diabetes. That includes cardiovascular disease, stroke, vision loss, kidney disease or failure, dementia, and nerve damage. Plus, you’re less likely to feel depressed, a common “side effect” of many chronic diseases like diabetes.

Weight loss isn’t easy, but with a custom weight-loss plan combining lifestyle changes and medications when needed, you can finally shed those extra pounds. To learn more about how we can help you with weight loss and diabetes management, call or book an appointment online with STL Medical Weight Loss today.