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Are my hormones causing my weight gain or the inability to lose weight?

May 15, 2023
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Are my hormones causing my weight gain or the inability to lose weight?

Thyroid hormone deficiency slows the body’s ability to burn calories. 

Menopause is a decrease in estrogen that causes a lower muscle mass and increased fat stores for women but conversely higher than normal estrogen levels aka estrogen dominance will also keep weight on since estrogen receptors are stored in fat cells. 

Testosterone Deficiency in both men and women causes a reduction in muscle mass, which lowers the body’s metabolic rate causing increased body fat. 

Insulin resistance occurs when the excess insulin and sugar running through our body and gets stored as fat. 

Metabolic syndrome  comprises of an increased blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess body fat around the waist, and abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels. 

PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) interferes with fertility but can cause cysts and weight gain.

Prolonged Stress causes an increase in cortisol, which can lead to high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems and weight gain. 


Prolonged steroid use often prescribed for medical issues can unfortunately lead to significant weight gain, which can be hard to lose once the medication even stops. 

Risk factors for any of the above come from genetics, a sedentary lifestyle, and the inevitable aging.


Treating weight gain with dietary and lifestyle modifications, like exercise and stress reduction, is a great way to start getting off extra pounds. 

But also, treating the underlying hormonal issue if need to like:

  • Thyroid hormone replacement 
  • Testosterone replacement 
  • Estrogen replacement or an estrogen aromatase inhibitor
  • Medications to target appetite management and modulate insulin levels such as semaglutide and tirzepatide

You do NOT have to accept hormonal weight gain! 

Hormonal weight gain is potentially reversible if the underlying cause is addressed and treated appropriately. If the hormonal weight gain stays then there can be an increased risk for multiple other health conditions which can increase morbidity and mortality. Most of the time, even with the correct hormone treatment your body needs the extra help to get out of the state it has been in for so long - there is no shame - we all need a little extra help for progress to occur in any part of our lives! If you have corrected underlying issues and your weight has not fluctuated back to where it has been or you have not reached your goal, we recommend trying the peptide weight loss injections.