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How Weight Loss Support Can Help You Get to Your Goal

Mar 02, 2024
How Weight Loss Support Can Help You Get to Your Goal

How Weight Loss Support Can Help You Get to Your Goal

With three-quarters of Americans overweight or obese, it’s no wonder the weight loss industry is taking off. Yet research also shows that, even when you can lose excess pounds, you still run the risk of gaining those pounds back — unless you take steps to prevent it.

At STL Medical Weight Loss, Joseph Moleski, DO, and Margaurette Walsh, PA-C, offer patient-centered, customized medical weight loss programs focused on helping patients get the support they need to achieve their results and maintain them. Here, learn how our programs provide the support you need to help you drop those pounds and enjoy all the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight.

Built for you

One big reason why commercial diet plans fail is because they’re created for the general population and based on simple, one-size-fits-all premises. That’d be great if we all gained weight for similar reasons. 

But patterns of weight gain — and weight loss — can vary significantly from one person to another. Applying the same basic diet principles to every person is bound to result in many failures in losing weight and keeping it off.

At STL Medical Weight Loss, your journey begins with a physical exam and a review of your health history and any past dieting experiences, along with blood tests or other lab work. We also look into lifestyle factors, like a stressful job, poor sleep habits, and other factors that could sabotage your goals.

Then, we take all your individual information and use it as the basis of your weight-loss plan. That means every aspect of your plan is completely optimized for you right from the beginning.

Focused on your health

Many people struggle with losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight because of underlying medical issues, especially issues that affect your metabolism (the rate at which your body converts calories to usable energy). Digestive problems, metabolic syndrome, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, and even nutritional deficiencies can all wreak havoc with weight management.

Your initial evaluation (with lab tests) helps us identify issues that can interfere with weight so we can tailor your weight-loss plan to your specific needs and habits. Then, we develop your plan to overcome your personal obstacles, adjusting the plan over time if and when your needs change.

Innovative, cutting-edge solutions

STL Medical Weight Loss is a leading provider of weight-loss and weight-management solutions because our team is skilled in multiple approaches and multiple products. In addition to a healthy eating plan, regular exercise, and other lifestyle modifications, we also offer weight-loss injections.

Both semaglutide and tirzepatide help you lose weight by optimizing the balance between glucose (blood sugar) and insulin. As a result, your body processes more glucose, which means there’s less available to turn into fat deposits. 

Semaglutide and tirzepatide also reduce your appetite, so you eat less and slow down digestion so you feel full longer. Both can be self-administered, which means they’re convenient and effective.

Designed for the long-term

Medical weight loss isn’t based on fads or celebrity endorsements: It’s based on you. Our team helps you learn healthy habits focused on maintaining your results once you reach your goal. 

You’ll have regular office visits to check in with our team during your weight loss journey. During your visits, we’ll evaluate your progress and adjust your plan as needed to ensure it’s always on track with your goals, lifestyle, and health needs.

Once you’ve achieved your goal, our team is always available for additional consultations, along with nutritional counseling and lifestyle education, to help you enjoy optimal health and wellness.

Start your healthy journey

Losing weight can be challenging, but having professional, compassionate, knowledgeable support can make it a lot easier — and a lot more successful. To learn how we can develop a custom weight loss plan just for you, call or book an appointment online with STL Medical Weight Loss at our locations in Chesterfield, Missouri, or McKinney, Texas, today.