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"Ozempic Face", Hair Loss, Muscle Mass Loss And The True Causes Of These

May 19, 2023
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"Ozempic Face", Hair Loss, Muscle Mass Loss And The True Causes Of These

The weight loss injectable peptides decreases appetite and so the total overall caloric intake decreases as well, which causes a decreases in nutrients and protein. When protein intake drastically stays low over an extended amount of time then hair and nails become brittle, energy drops, muscle mass decreases, and skin elasticity decreases. When someone mentions to me "I lost 20 lbs this month", I process that they have lost fat, muscle, and fluid all together. As aging humans, we need to preserve our muscle mass for many important reasons, a few of these reasons are to have a strong skeletal structure, a healthy metabolism, hormone synthesis, and a robust immune system. 


If you are losing weight too fast or a large amount of weight in one months time, make sure you are eating enough protein to make sure you are not losing muscle. "Endocrinologists and obesity medicine specialists interviewed by MedPage Today said that while muscle mass loss can occur, it's not unique to or more dramatic with semaglutide or its GLP-1 agonist drug class more broadly". So in general, the skin loss, muscle mass, and brittle hair and nails are from a lack of protein intake and not direct cause of the weight loss peptides. 


This is why it very important to track protein intake throughout the day. In general, aim for at least 80-100grams of protein per day. It is important to consume protein within an hour of working out to assist in recovery. There are a few free apps available to download and easily track daily protein intake. 


A few sources of high protein:

1) Chicken Breasts

2) Cottage Cheese

3) Lean beef

4) Lean Turkey, great for lettuce wraps and tacos

5) Whey Protein Powder, besides for shakes add to pancake mix! 

6 ) Fish and Seafood ie tuna, salmon, shrimp, oysters

7) Soy products - Tofu,  Edamame, SoyBean Sprouts

8) Greek Yogurts

9) Lentils and Navy Beans

10) Eggs

11) Almond Butter 

12) Vegetables that have high protein: asparugus, mushrooms, lima beans, spinach 


Favorite Ways to Cook Protein:

1) Grilling - any meat that has been marinating, skewers with vegetables and protein, fish on a salted block 

2) Pressure Cooker - throw in a variety of foods and a mixed meal is returned

3) Air Fryer - best vegetables hands down! 

4) Stir Frys - Soba noodles with any vegetable and any meat